Friday, September 30, 2011


The ADDIE model is a 5 step prescription for Instructional Design. It can be applied just about anywhere. For the purpose of this assignment, I've written a simple and practical - I said nothing about ethical - adaptation of the ADDIE on the subject of lies which are like flies, far too many, but we'll save that.

How to tell a lie using the ADDIE.
© By Neith Hunter
Analyze the situation. Why and to whom do you need to lie? What purpose will it serve? 
What does the lie need to accomplish?
Design the lie. Write it out. Visualize it. How will you tell it? When, where, in person or remote?
Develop the lie. Practice. Practice. Practice. And more practice, until even YOU BELIEVE IT.
Implement the lie. Give it your all. Be as sincere as possible. Deliver your lie cloaked in truth.
Evaluate the lie. Was it effective? Did it accomplish what it was designed for? If not, begin again. Analyze...
Photo taken by Jintae Kim and posted on FlickR.

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